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Services - Speech and Language Therapy

Speech Therapy Services provided:

  • Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), or Speech Therapists are professionals that have studied child development and communication and a variety of disorders that may impact communication. They are knowledgeable in swallowing and feeding disorders as well and can help improve a child’s quality of life by improving their oral motor skills for feeding. They hold a Master’s degree in the field as well as state and national licensure and certification.

  • Certified Speech-Language Pathologists provide assessments, treatment, and education in a variety of areas. Speech therapy may include treatment focusing on articulation, language delays, traumatic brain injury, autism spectrum disorder, feeding and oral motor dysfunction, disfluency, and voice disorders.

  • An evaluation of your child’s strengths and weaknesses will be conducted to identify any areas of need. The evaluation takes place in a room comfortable for your child to interact with the therapist in, while you observe through the two-way mirrors.

  • Once you child has been evaluated, a certified Speech-Language Pathologist will create a treatment plan specific to your child in order to focus on improving any areas of need.

  • Your child’s speech therapy session may include techniques to help increase their language skills, improve their articulation of specific speech sounds, improve their social communication skills, or aid in the development of appropriate feeding and oral motor skills needed to grow and develop.

  • A child’s speech and language skills are important in developing their self-esteem. Speech therapy will not only improve your child’s speech and language skills, but will improve their self esteem and increase their willingness to socialize in their world.

Common Diagnoses and/or conditions that may benefit from Speech Therapy Referral:

    • Developmental delays in expressive or receptive language

    • Hearing impairments

    • Autism spectrum disorder

    • Cognitive delays

    • Weak oral muscles or excessive drooling

    • Chronic hoarseness

    • Birth defects such as cleft lip or cleft palate

    • Social skills

    • Motor planning problems including Apraxia

    • Disfluency (stuttering)

    • Feeding and swallowing disorders

    • Traumatic brain injury