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Services - Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Services Provided:

  • Physical therapy provides a wide range of services including functional and developmental assessments and treatment, mobility training, therapeutic exercises, ambulation training, and indicated treatment for certain orthopedic conditions. We offer individualized one to one treatment sessions.

    • A Licensed Physical Therapist will evaluate and treat patients through clinical observation and assessment, standardized testing when appropriate, therapeutic exercise and developmental treatment to aid in recovery and increasing independence.

  • After a comprehensive evaluation, the child and family are provided with therapeutic treatment, education, and/or support to allow for the child’s highest level of function to be attained.

  • A care plan is developed using treatment techniques that promote optimal health and overall fitness, restores and improves the body’s function and movement, and limits disabilities resulting from injury or disease.

  • The Physical Therapy Team works diligently to provide the highest quality of care to all children and their families. Services delivered are family-centered, culturally sensitive, and age appropriate when indicated.

  • The Physical Therapy Team focuses on Gross Motor Skills (sitting, crawling, walking, running, climbing, standing balance, etc.) and integrating them into the child’s daily life so that the highest level of function and independence can be attained.

    • The Physical Therapy Team can also assist with equipment prescription as needed for adaptive equipment as well as foot and leg orthotics.

Common Diagnoses and/or conditions that may benefit from

Physical Therapy Referral:

  • Needing physical assistance for mobility or transfers or with equipment prescription

    • Cerebral Palsy

    • Spina Bifida

    • Neurological insult

    • Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

    • Traumatic Injuries, causing physical weakness or disability

    • Other conditions causing physical weakness that may cause difficulty with mobility

  • Lower body and trunk weakness and/or difficulties walking that are impacting daily functioning

    • Frequent falling that causes injury or disruption of daily activities

    • Inability to keep up with other children of the same age

  • Developmental Delay or Disability

  • Orthopedic Conditions and Injuries

    • Certain conditions are able to be seen at Esperanza Clinic depending on needs of the client. Please call to discuss each case with Clinic Staff and determine if the client’s needs can be met adequately.

  • Other conditions may also benefit from a referral for Physical Therapy. Please call to discuss with Clinic Staff or send a referral and Clinic Staff will review and follow up with family and referring provider.